New blog site and first post on ‘Hills of Hame’

I’ve decided that, in the current university and research institution climate, that it is better to be freelance, so I’ve gone back to the wilderness and set-up a company to share my love of natural history and hillcraft. Hills of Hame is slowly taking shape. It deals with my outdoor and fieldwork skills, including my far-from-help medic work. I took, but failed my Mountain Leader (Summer) Assessment but gained a lot from trying and plan to do my Hill and Moorland Leader Assessment sometime in 2015 as a stepping stone to re-assessment. I’ll be writing about those experiences soon.

I do have a first paid project coming up for Hills of Hame but I did my first gig in the Pentlands last week for some assistant leadership experience and a night out on the hills.

You can follow what is happening with Hills of Hame and read my first blog post here

About Al McGowan

I am a palaeobiologist in my early 40's carrying out research work. I am based in Scotland.
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